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Ill Fred's Suggestions to TFP

Ill Fred GMan

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I'm going to use this thread to communicate my suggestions for updates to the game 7D2D. If anyone has or wants to mod these changes, please respond as well.


1. Airstrip POIs: The gyrocopters are one of the most tilting things in gaming (pun intended). I did some research and found out this is immersively realistic, but if you're going to make them realistic, there are airstrips in reality as well. An airstrip POI (full of military Zs obviously) would be neat and useful for using them. Just imagine building a base next to one. Could even make the POI a trader spot to add variety to what a "White River Settlement" looks like; traders would naturally be inclined to setup near an airstrip. This brings me to my second suggestion.


2. Helicopters: Gyrocopters have an unrealistically large inventory and can't carry more than one passenger despite being more difficult to build than the 4x4. Adding a craftable helicopter would allow the gyrocopter to see some slight power-level adjustments (smaller inventory, cheaper recipe) since the helicopter would have a more difficult recipe than any other vehicle, inventory capacity of a 4x4, and the ability to transport >1 person. Furthermore, the helicopter could takeoff and land purely vertically, making flight much less tilting and adding immersive usage to the helipads on factories and hospitals (don't try to land a gyrocopter on a helipad). This brings me to my third suggestion.


3. Vehicle Weapon Mods: I know vehicle mods are in development for soon-to-be-released updates so perhaps this is already in the works as well, but in any case, I'd love to be able to mount a machine gun on my 4x4 (or helicopter) to be used only by the second passenger (or the driver if they switch seats). Just make it consume ammo out of its inventory like gasoline. Missile launchers and other weapons would be nifty but honestly a simple machine gun would be sweet. IMO, make it more difficult to craft and have higher damage than the M60 machine gun, providing an answer to the highest difficulty encounters in the game provided you have a friend to help out. This brings me to my fourth suggestion.


4. Boss Dungeon POIs: I wrote here about how the game is unexpectedly unappealing to communities when selecting a game to host as a dedicated server and I suggested boss dungeons as a solution before realizing that suggestions should go in this forum. Imagine discovering a POI that's extremely high difficulty and high reward but also easily avoided (only spawns in the radiated or burnt areas). A GTFO dungeon that you can prepare for with the game's open-world RPG elements and tackle with your friends when you're ready. Boss zombies may grant a unique perk / temporary buff to all players in the party so that there's no awkward politics around who gets to loot the boss. Just take a special zombie, increase its size, health, and damage and voila you have a boss zombie. These POIs could have the same land-claim protection that White River Settlements (traders) do so players must follow set paths through doors, etc. instead of just mining to the boss to skip the rest of the dungeon. Engaging traps, puzzles, and other classic dungeon encounters would add to the fun. The community would explode with Youtube videos showcasing anything from a first-time let's play to a max-difficulty speedrun strategy. Most importantly, boss dungeons would provide something to do once players have reached end-game builds. As of Alpha 19 B163, early, mid, and late-game are all essentially the same gameplay. An example of a Boss Dungeon would be a nuclear launch facility with a boss at the end that drops the nuclear missile launch codes for the facility. Mine enough uranium (see suggestion 5) and build an actual nuke, bring it to this dungeon after clearing it and obtaining the launch codes, power the facility with generators, and launch a missile that does something epic like turning the entire map into radiated wastes (all POIs become max-level and hazmat gear is required everywhere above the surface).


5. Uranium Resource: The rarest resource mined like iron but only found underground (no surface-level nodes) which is required for high-tech end-game craftables such as nuclear power generators, laser guns, mini-nukes (think Fallout 3), and the Boss Dungeon as an example in suggestion 4.

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