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A Mod to add visual cues for audio events


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Hi, I hope this is the right place...  And It's okay to post something without any actual mod substance behind it.


I've just started playing this amazing game and there is one thing I need to properly enjoy it...  A way for me to see things I cannot hear - such as when a nearby zombie gets aggro, or the airplane goes overhead... or when something else happens, that I am supposed to hear but can't...  I'm sure there are many audio cues people take for granted, that I can't...     Also it's so damn annoying when I'm chilling in my base and oblivious to the zombie outside digging away at my base foundations or I'm doing crafting and a zombie starts chewing up on me out of nowhere that I couldn't hear coming.


It's not only for me, there are also people who for various reasons need to play without the sound (a dad playing with a sleeping baby, perhaps?)


So I'm going to make a simple audio cues mod, and make it public.  I'd like a little bit of help, however...  Just a little help to find which direction to go in...


So, when an audio cue occurs - for example, an airplane goes overhead and you get the airplane sound - I would like to make a UI icon pop up on the screen somewhere, perhaps an airplane icon...  Or a vignette, or coloured tint to come in when a nearby zombie gets aggro.  


If there are any UI mods that do something along similar lines, could I be pointed to them?  I'm going to do some digging in various UI mods and see how they do things, but since none really touch the audio side of things, I don't think they would be much help in showing how to do that.  There also don't seem to be any audio only mods that I can find.


Thank you very much for any help offered!



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One option that would be a pretty simple fix would be to add an onscreen nav object to zombies. You could have it start at however many blocks away from you that you'd like. Of course this would make it so you'd know where zombies are, even through walls, if they are in range, so I'm not sure how far you'd want to take a mod like this.

As for the airplane part, it's an entity as well, so in theory it should be able to take navobjects, though I havent tried.

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Yes, I recently did a quest where I had to clear an area and all the zombies showed up on the compass as red dots.  This was rather cheaty, I think!  


Just a icon that pops up, or a screen overlay that indicates something would be best and not become a cheat mod...


Are there any other important audio cues that I need to be aware of?  Is hunger, thirst, etc audibly announced?  Temperature?




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