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Does anyone know how explosion resistance works?


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So concrete , reinforced concrete, steel and stainless steel all have explosion resistances, but anyone know how the explosion damage dealt is calculated?


Steel has a 50% stated explosion resistance, and stainless steel has 75%- so theoretically stainless steel should take half as much damage as regular steel?- ie steel takes 50% of the damage vs 25% that stainless takes.


but in all my testing with dynamite, cops, demolishers and rocket launchers- the damage resisted is reproducible, and scales up with the blocks, but is no where near what they’re stated at. Stainless steel vs normal steel only took 15% less damage compared to the theoretical 50% as explained above.  and neither of the concrete blocks are correct.


I’ve checked the XML files and they do state a ‘1.1’ resistance value for the regular concrete’s 10% resistance and a ‘1.2’ for reinf. concrete’s 20% and so on. Is this a bug? Or is this an intentional mechanic?- anyone know?

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