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A19 Bloodmoon AI

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So i've seen alot of A18 and earlier stuff regarding the wedge blocks messing with AI; from what i understood this had been semi addressed in A19; though by complete accident we may have found a different exploit. I've attached a screenshot; and i'll explain what is happening here.


So, we took over the big broken skyscraper, the 15+ floor tall one. I decided to build checkpoints and such on the stairwell to fight the zombies. This was a multiplayer map and as a team we agreed to this. The issue is that they complained it would take too long to climb all the stairs (now fixed so you could go from the bottom to top as we wanted the zombies to funnel in that direction).

So i built a tower/ladder. This ladder went from the bottom to the top, which climbing a ladder is much faster than walking up stairs in this game. On top of this i made it as separate tower connected by a wooden bridge that could be destroyed during the blood moon so the zombies didn't see this as a valid path.


The issue is someone fell off and decided to put up railings, and they messed up in a few spots. So when the blood moons hit and they cut out the bridge; we had the magic you see in this image. The person didn't destroy the walls, so now we had zombies seeing this as a valid path, but because of the bend that occurs they'd jump up on top of the the piece of wooden railing/wall my targeting is on; and apparently not knowing the concept of jumping diagonally they would proceed to try a combination up/long jump to what i assume is that bit of wall that's floating above...for reasons i'm still not sure how/why they set it up like that...and would fail and fall all the way down.

This proceeded for the entire bloodmoon. And because nothing existed on the other side (due to that bend in the middle) they would just continue to fail to make this jump; even the leaping zombies would just jump and never actually hit anything even though the distance would've been good. Because their AI would tell them that the railing was a valid path, but couldn't actually execute on actually walking across it; and unlike the slopes they weren't hindered enough to ever even consider hitting them; and the ladder spaced them out enough that we never got a cluster of them to get frustrated and start destroying things, because it took them awhile to figure out how to get on the ladder in the first place.


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