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  1. That makes sense, i assume weapon recoil and other effects don't count the same, but for some reason the auger is basically hitting you with what is effectively a 0 damage attack to keep shifting the camera. And the reason other melee weapons work differently is because they don't have a recoil effect like the auger does.
  2. Awesome that there was a fix. I have to know though, what was causing it? Because i was all over those files trying to figure it out myself and wasn't seeing anything that seemed to match.
  3. I can say its happening on a dedicated server as well. We have a couple of mods so we were really confused to the source, and until now we couldn't find any info on this issue. What we found is it happens randomly if not very frequently, until it suddenly just happens fairly consistently. A server reset seems to fix it temporarily until it starts again; and because its a dedicated server everyone is affected because there's no "host" player.
  4. Just saw the reply. As a note, i had done compopack and Nitrogen for A18 also; and had the same results. I did 8k standard generation with no problem; it was only with Nitrogen. I have 32 gigs of ram; while this game is massively unoptimized and fairly resource hungry the server hasn't hit that limiter. And generally when the issues occur i'm not out of ram or anything. As for the POIs its possible, though i at least haven't seen it using all that much more resources for this than other maps. And i specifically used nitrogen for the "megacity" option as my group tends to burn through and get bored with maps quickly when its the default couple of towns. The odd part is like i said the log files don't seem to suggest anything; and there's the rare case the server recovers (doing that laggy catching-up things games do); this is very rare though, and most of the time if its not back immediately have to force-kill the process in the task manager.
  5. I'm wondering if anyone has run into this. When running a multiplayer server but only when its a map generated by NitroGen the server will inevitably go into a desync/crash. Zombies walk in place or just simply don't move. Players can't loot anything (all containers are unable to be opened). Players see each other as running in place and can see other players but can't move themselves. If you disconnect you are incapable of rejoining, but everyone already in is already technically still in until i shut off the server (though unable to really do anything). If i want to close the server, it won't close until i kill it in the task manager. I've run the base map, 2 random generated maps (using the world's generation). And 2 maps using NitroGen + CompoPack Only the Nitrogen maps have this inevitable crash; i've done 50+ days on all the non-nitrogen maps, and usually by day 5 it will happen anywhere from once a day to every 10 minutes (real time) on the NitroGen ones. I can't find anything of note in the server log; and the server doesn't really give any errors during this time. We've been unable to really find any solid connection between this beyond NitroGen; and i'm not even sure its nitrogen/compopack specifically, I almost feel like its exaggerating some already existing bug in the game. The worst part is i can't find ANY information regarding this. Also this has happened in both A18 and A19
  6. Just to jump onto this. My experience so far is i went from A18 where with 5/5 Iron gut (0 sexual tyrannosaurus) i could generally keep myself going with a few sham chowder doing a day of mining. A19; sexual tyrannosaurus + iron gut and i can't leave base without 2 stacks of sham chowder to get through half a day of mining. From what I've noticed exertion-based food depletion hasn't changed much. its just the passive depletion over time that's gone nuts. Even if I'm massively hot in the wasteland my food will passively tick down faster than my water. Even constantly chugging red tea and mineral water its gone in an instant. Playing in multiplayer just standing around for a couple minutes waiting for a craft to finish I've been tempted to log out while I'm waiting because I'll lose about 1/3 of my bar just standing around. And once again in that time I'll maybe see a sliver of the water meter. So realism or not; the current system seems to undermine the talents that are supposed to make you better at handling this resource. Not to mention with sexual tyrannosaurus somehow contributing more to hunger depletion than iron gut, it feels like str is the wonder-stat; and Fort has barely any point now, especially considering how ignoring the baseline regen nerf, the way max health works now makes the regen perk way less useful; iron gut barely helps anything now because most things don't have a dysentery chance; and the things that do were significantly nerfed (and now do HP damage to you); and with heavy armor moving there i can barely justify messing with that tree anymore. But i guess that's a bit off-topic.
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