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Third Person Camera & Animations


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Hi All,


Since A19 came out and I noticed that there will be some animation updates I was quite excited to have a look at them, to my disappointment player third person animations were still clunky as hell! It is very hard to enjoy the game that has such bad feeling whenever you are playing in third person mode, it has no footstep sounds, when you walking side ways it seems like the player model is constantly stuck to something or it has high ping, targeting is not accurate with the offset and close distances. 


I believe it would be a good idea for the developers to add little bit of love to third person camera aspect since there are some players out there that cannot play in 1st person perspective, such reasons can be - making them feel dizzy, may prefer 3rd instead of 1st person games. By improving the animations and third person camera targeting and overall feel I believe many players will come back to the game and will attract new ones as well, because even to do this day I find it hard to convince my friends to buy this game and play with me and even on my own I would love to constantly play in 3rd person perspective. 


I understand that some of you might say that this ruins PvP aspect since you could peek around the corner and all of them, in that case keep third person mode on debug mode like now or give server administrator the right to toggle it on or off for all players.


These are my thoughts and preferences, what do you guys think? Is there a person out there who believes that 3rd person camera and player animations deserve more love an polishing? I believe it is almost "basics" of what the game needs to have, especially smooth and quality like animations before going ahead to full release or even to beta. 

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