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Suggestion for TFP - Conquest Feature - Noah's White River vs The Duke's Bandits


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Sorry to readers for the wall of text.

This is definitely an Idea for the sequel but I think it ties in really well for an addition to the end of TFPs existing roadmap.


I was playing A19 when this idea popped into mind. I realized that even when I put every setting up to hardcore I still find myself repeating end game tasks too quickly and was thinking about how I could add something more to my gameplay experience.


To lay down some context for this idea:

  • TFP have plans to make two factions, Noah's White River Gang and The Duke's Bandit Gang.
  • TFP have plans to make POIs occupied by Bandit NPCs.
  • TFP have plans to make quests where player can take sides and play roles between interactions of these factions.


My idea:

Basically, I think the conquest game type (common in other games [far cry 5 is the only one I can recall currently]) can fit within 7DTD, here's how:



  • There are a few various "conquest POIs" (CPOIs). Maybe one per city/town.
  • Each CPOI can be occupied by either faction's NPCs.
  • Players are given special quest options to siege CPOIs.
  • After sieging a POI it changes faction. Over time, CPOIs change factions without player interactions from rival attacks (NPC sieges).
  • Players within a faction under siege are notified, and can choose to go help defend the CPOI (that is, if they can make it across the map in time).


Additional Supplementary Ideas:

  • Each CPOI could have several different tiers of fortifications which can be attained by funding the faction, or doing a quest to find supplies and upgrade that CPOI. Each tier could be custom made by the level designer team. I imagine each tier housing increasing NPCs, trap defenses, reinforcements, etc.
  • Higher tier CPOIs would take longer to be taken by NPC sieges, thus allowing players more time to respond to attacks.
  • Perhaps ownership of a region's CPOI allows for that faction to host quests in that regions local POIs, giving incentive to fight for different regions ("don't loot in my turf").
  • Perhaps ownership of more CPOI's can yield other faction bonuses for players such as trader discounts since it means that faction has access to more supplies (I'm not sure if TFP plan to have a faction reputation system).



I think this would be a good feature to add more longevity to a gamplay experience in 7dtd, almost like an unending minigame within the game, completely optional. Additionally, this will give online communities of 7DTD a form of PVP which can be engaged with or without direct PVP, which I think is a great idea for players who want to compete but don't like direct PVP conflicts or losing their bases.

Anyway, I hope this one makes it into a discussion among the dev team.
Love your work TFP.

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  • TFP mentioned future quests where player will be required to "blow up" rival faction POIs.
  • Perhaps it would be cool if sieged CPOIs remain in ruins until rallied for a zombie quest (or a repair quest), this would only work in conjunction with the following idea.
  • CPOI's can consist of a small variety of already existing POIs and players can be given quests to establish faction CPOIs by clearing out zombies.

This would allow for regional faction forts to be dynamic. Perhaps each city might house 3 different POI types that can adapt to CPOIs (or more). And as they get destroyed they revolve around the various POI's. Would be cool but would also be a lot of work for TFP.

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