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Thoughts on better flashback video


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Currently in the process of a new youtube channel in which the games i play are all roleplayed and seen through the eyes of X character [currently working on Skyrim / 7d2d / The Division], have recorded a few scenes so far of my 7d2d series and would like people's opinion on which video they prefer as a flashback.

[Storywise - This is set in Navezgane and the city of Diersville which has been walled off to stop the zombie infection from reaching the city.  Flashback happens to the point where a horde of zombies are at the entrance to the city and are able to breach / overrun the place.]

For this short 30 second video however, not too sure if the video looks better with or without voice.  By far not the final voice [as this part wasn't scripted, just improv so will be different and better final piece] but would like people's opinion if they prefer this flashback set as with or without voice.




or with voice


Forgot to add that background noises would be added too possibly, but any tips/advice would be greatly appreciated! :)

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