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Primitive Z

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Okay many will not agree and that is fine some may like the challenge


Keep the world has gone to .... dense populations just made for a nice source of food for the dead

primitive areas of the world maybe be lacking in tech but can develop skills needed to hold off the horde nights.


Primitive area no buildings, cars or anything

Add on to survival skills with gathering  and hunting. Have a decay rate of quality on food to spoiling but less demand on food consumption. 


Players can build structures same as before cap it at early age concrete


Strip everything from current 7d2d but the lands and primitive start to the game


Have forest, desert and snow as default but let there be a choice of optional biomes that exists in the current game. Use Earth as a template. 


Have this game as a stand-alone / new title not a mod to current game that is stripped down then a build up of the Primitive Z unless you feel this is better as an add on of the current game.


Consider allowing me to test and be exclusive for content creation until agreed up date of an alpha release for the idea


Again this is a primitive only build and survival stand-alone (preferred) thought towards this game and I have more ideas to throw at it to be included




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