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  1. This is my first server. so Nitrogen or Alpha 19 needs to be updated to correct this? Thank you
  2. i am using the A19 and the crawlers are invisible. it is only with Nitrogen. is there a fix? or is it another issue? Thanks
  3. i got it in perks, the sledge i can craft just not this one. tried it in another game it worked fine at level 5 never been that way before
  4. Robotic Turret 1-4 does not craft. After you unlock level 5 craft comes up. in ALpha 19 what used to be junk turret after you make it to craft level 5 the option to craft is there
  5. Okay many will not agree and that is fine some may like the challenge Keep the world has gone to .... dense populations just made for a nice source of food for the dead primitive areas of the world maybe be lacking in tech but can develop skills needed to hold off the horde nights. Primitive area no buildings, cars or anything Add on to survival skills with gathering and hunting. Have a decay rate of quality on food to spoiling but less demand on food consumption. Players can build structures same as before cap it at early age concrete
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