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a.19: The zombie colors are a bit much


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Personally, I'm a bit disappointed in Alpha 19.  The environment colors do seem a bit more vibrant in 19, which is very nice.  I really hope they've added some paint textures which can be used for a "rebuilding" nicer look, rather than everything being ratty and rusty.  I mean, if I'm going to paint something, wouldn't I paint the whole thing, rather than leaving rust patches?   And if there are crates of building supplies and stores full of carpet rolls, would it be that hard to find wallpaper and carpet that looked a little nicer?   So it seems to me that there should be some nicer tile paint swatches, and some nicer paints, etc.  Of course, lots of ratty-looking ones, too.


The old zombies were nice.  The nurse had that dizzy giggle as she tried to kill you.  It was cute!  Now it's more like being chased by a bag of red vomit in a bright green shirt.   I can understand wanting the zombies to be disgusting, but at the same time if people are disgusted when they play the game, wouldn't that push people away?  Please, at least bring the old zombies back.  My son said that they've turned the zombies into clowns.  Okay, I can imagine that zombies will have very little fashion sense, but the odd colors are a bit distracting.


And finding a lootable store was actually a good thing in 18.   Now, open a Working Stiff crate, and you find that they're shipping stone hatchets and stone sledges.   Go into the electronics store, and they've got tons of electronic parts and wire tools, with stone hatchets and sledges.    Is something just not adding up here? 


I just feel that some of the adjustments went a good bit in the wrong direction, but that's just me.  Some people like more vomit, and want to be chased by bags of red vomit in a bright green shirt.  Maybe there's a special "Brightly Colored Vomit" game for those people, but I might end up sticking with alpha.18 for now.




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