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Hello fellow survivors! I'm currently running a dedicated server with a handful of mods on a 16k map.


Game version is 19.180 and it doesn't look like we will be updating to stable for a while.


I have compiled a modpack preloaded with all these for easy install for anyone who wants to join in on the server without having to hunt each mod down individually.


We currently don't allow PvP in the server but do have plans to build a PvP area for those who want to compete without disrupting the rest of the server.


I plan on keeping this server going for a very long and I am still cooking up a few ideas for the server such as Drop Frenzy every Friday extra air drops are dropped every hour.


If you'd like to play get in touch with me and I'll send you the details to the server and discord we use for the server as well as the link to the modpack.


I believe that just about covers the server, Good luck survivors I'll see y'all in Navezgane!

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