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More than sitting ducks?


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Since the introduction of sleeper zombies I've kind of always waited for the Pimps to introduce more variety through behavior. In all this time the ideology hasn't really changed much although now in A19 we are getting more unpredictable outcomes as how the zombies rush you, or stumble and fall. Yet the zombies as of now are nothing more than target practice and the pattern of sleeper spawns becomes rather dull over time.


What I'd like to see is more AI states and less static sleepers. For example, have zombies wander around, or make zombies target areas even without external agitation (i.e. some might start banging doors or walls trying to get out of the confinements). All in all it would be amazing if zombies reacted to each other causing a chain reaction of waking and wandering zombies. This way the player couldn't know for certain if he/she is going to be ambushed, but without taking away the possibility of "silencing" the trouble makers before it escalates.

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