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Loot containers


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I find the two types of loot containers ("broken down" and "potentially working") to be an interesting concept, but i feel they're not really used to their full potential. Would love it if they were actually used to more dynamically reflect the current state of the container (empty being the former, vs unopened or containing old loot being the latter type) -- it would help immensely with not having to stop the vehicle every 10 seconds to check whether a bird nest or mailbox is lootable again or i've been through it recently. Or on a server, if anyone else has been through it recently.


And i feel implementing this wouldn't even need too many changes, since a lot of loot containers are already pairable, only a few of them would need the 2nd version added. (like the nests and mailboxes i mentioned, then chests, workstations, some kitchen stuff... anything else i've forgotten?) And that new variant can be created based on the existing one, adding just a minor tweak to have it visually distinct.

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