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  1. To alleviate the OCD part, you could just paint them over. ;-)
  2. Oh... In that case i wouldn't call it just a "fail" either. Making you post something that isn't true, and might not be true for hours is definitely a complete @%$*#!-up.
  3. Except the issue in the screenshot is not about the forums, but about the changelog. And it happens for other pages of the site too (main page, news page, etc) :-s Any chance for an estimate of when it might get fixed? It's been hours already. Getting into double-digits even. :-|
  4. Let me help you a bit with the time-frame: what prompted the download was that TFP posted on twitter that "Alpha 19 Stable is out!" ... and at this point neither the steam news nor the 7dtd.com news section were updated. If you mean to tell me that also the steam repository wasn't updated, then that's a fail on whoever decided to post that message to twitter before the new version WAS actually out.
  5. Tell that to the streamer that opted out of exp, while live, and had to download 4 GB... (twice.)
  6. A18 went through 4 or 5 stable versions... That's why the annoucement said "We hope you all have a great time with A19.0 and its .x patches to follow." ;-)
  7. Oh... My bad, there actually is something there like that. Why would anyone ever select it, or recommend selecting it, is quite beyond me tho. :-|
  8. ... do you ever try to understand the context of what you're replying to?!? Don't need to uninstall anything, so i won't. Plus, there's no "A19 stable" in the betas tab. -.- Maybe Phoenixshade35 might want to take your advice, but i wouldn't recommend it, since you've given it without a shred of interest on what their current environment is.
  9. Well, yeah. I don't think the experimental branch would ever update itself to stable, except when they lock it up (e.g. for streamer weekends, iirc)...
  10. The option should already be there... Since about 1h ago i think. But it's just for the stable branch.
  11. That's not what was asked... And in this case, "previous" means recent enough to be compatible. Considering that b180 *is* the same version as this stable, there should be no _need_ for a wipe.
  12. https://7daystodie.com/a19-official-release-notes/
  13. Why would you HAVE TO? Since a18 we're shown if the save is from a different version... so if i ever go back to that version i'd enjoy being able to pick up where i've left off. Well, unless we need a launcher from a different version that just happens to not be included in the one we're interested in playing. ;-)
  14. Damn, according to reddit and Steam Forums, the download_depot feature is no longer available. PS As per the last paragraph in that reddit post, " u/xPaw, developer on SteamDB, has made a comment on r/Steam explaining why this is happening, as well as suggesting using DepotDownloader as an alternative."
  15. That is if you want the Linux version. Would it be possible to spare a little time for the 17.2 and 17.3 too? LE: oh, and if you're still curious: Here's the explanation for that one.
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