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Anti Gravity Mod (totally wasn't playing Mario Kart 8 when I thought of it)

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So, when I am using a mini bike or a motor cycle, and I encounter a mountain or hill, I usually have to get off of the vehicle because it would be faster to spam jump my way across rather than to use the mini bike/cycle. So I was thinking that there could be a new MOD called the Anti Gravity Modification. This MOD could only be applied to a mini bike or motor cycle. Anyways, what this mod would do, is that it would allow you to drive up walls, mountains, and roofs with ease. You can craft this by Finding its Schematic, which this item costs 


35 mechanical parts 

15 electrical components 

2 turned wheels (takes one wheel to craft a turned wheel) 

the vehicle you want to use the mod on (minibike or motor cycle) 


Thank you for listening to my Ted Talk. Goodnight everyone. 



(takes one wheel to craft a turned wheel)  

I was just saying that of a side thing of how you would craft a turned wheel

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