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Day 63 Horde Base/Murder Box


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So I had to bright idea of bumping up the difficulty and maxing out the zombies for hordes and damn near got my @%$*#! handed to me on night 56.  So I re-tooled my base design and built a murder box onto one of the sides in the hopes of funneling the horde in the direction.  This is my first real attempt at such a design, so I have no clue how well it will work.  Of course you know they probably won't cooperate, but we'll see how it works out.  Just like the night 56 horde, I'm going to record and post it.  Wish me luck.


Here's what my base looks like as of now:


The murder box is on the left.  The Western side of the base.



This is my view from the kill zone.  Two auto shotgun turrets stand at the ready by the entrance ramp.  I'll have two junk turrets on either side of me.




This is the view inside the murder box.  3 blade traps and upgraded to steel.  Also there is a line of electric fence wiring.




The 'before' picture =).  In just a while I imagine things will looks quite a bit different.

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