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    I was born on the day of my birth, which was convenient, otherwise people would be giving me stuff on the wrong day.. After many years, I grew up to become what I had always wanted to be as a child...an adult. And yes, it was better than I imagined; cookies before dinner, no bedtime, watching scary movies, you name it.

    Now I'm old with grown kids of my own. I don't really feel old, but my kids tell me I am, so I must be. I guess they're counting on me to slow down so I won't waste their inheritance. Little do they know they'll each be getting notifications for large sums of money. Problem is, it'll all be bills. Joke's on them.
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    Playing guitar, coding, looking at boobs, drinking beer, eating good food, looking at boobs.

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  1. Alpha 19 features several all-new POIs that you can explore; some being a bit more challenging than others. In this video, myself and Pixie try our hand at raiding the new Shotgun Messiah complex.
  2. In this episode, SSN Pixie and myself combat a blood moon horde chock full of radiated zombies. Will our simple and small base design hold up to the onslaught? It was easy and fast to build, but will it work?
  3. Can you design a horde base around the sledge turret? The results were quite surprising.
  4. In this episode, I test some of the concerns people are having about the latest experimental Alpha build....
  5. There's balance, and then there's an anchor around your neck. Alpha 19 is more like the latter. It's just so damned grindy and boring at times. I don't mind the new loot tables (although finding stone age tools made in modern times before the apocalypse is a stretch) I love the new zombie AI and the fact that conga lines are a thing again. But the stamina/food thing is ruining this entire Alpha. I know there are people who will defend anything the pimps do with their last dying breath, but when you're level 50 and a level 4 iron pick axe is significantly better than a comparable level ste
  6. void rant (CHAR_DATA * ch, char * argument) { char buf [MAX_STRING_LENGTH]; char message [MAX_STRING_LENGTH]; while ( alpha_19 != fun ) { str_cpy(message, "Here's the thing: so far I'm reading a lot of hate towards Alpha 19 game play mechanics. You have a few people who'll defend their beloved Pimps to the last with excuses like "Git Gud" or "You don't like a challenge" when none of the complaints have anything to do with how hard or challenging the game is. It's mainly about how grindy and boring things have gotten.
  7. Can the old red barn in Navezgane make a good horde base? After a few modifications and reinforcements, I try to find out.
  8. I'm going to have to look into that. Thanks for the tip!
  9. Thanks! I tried to give it a little style. Now I just have to update it so it'll work with Alpha 19.
  10. The hordes just keep getting more and more crazy! I think they're evolving!
  11. So I had to bright idea of bumping up the difficulty and maxing out the zombies for hordes and damn near got my @%$*#! handed to me on night 56. So I re-tooled my base design and built a murder box onto one of the sides in the hopes of funneling the horde in the direction. This is my first real attempt at such a design, so I have no clue how well it will work. Of course you know they probably won't cooperate, but we'll see how it works out. Just like the night 56 horde, I'm going to record and post it. Wish me luck. Here's what my base looks like as of now: The murd
  12. I just finished making my first custom prefab called Bill's. It's a standard-ish POI that was meant to teach me how to create them. I think it turned out pretty nice, however. If you want to try it out, you can find it listed on Nexus mods here: https://www.nexusmods.com/7daystodie/mods/860 Here's a pic of it -
  13. Demolishers start showing up early and make a real mess of things. Surviving the night is gonna be a helluva lot more challenging this time around.
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