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Chunks of the world got reset when someone reconnects


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Greetings good people.


I've started a private dedicated server on Windows, with this mod https://www.nexusmods.com/7daystodie/mods/568 and some minor modifications regarding scraping time and some others on my own. There's this guy in our party who was having connectivity issues all day long, having disconnected and reconnected many times. Note that this issue on its own was his fault, he was having really bad internet connection. However, on a couple of times he reconnected, this error comes out in the server's console:

2020-05-30T04:06:07 13347.191 INF RequestToSpawnPlayer: 277, Makarov44, 6
2020-05-30T04:06:07 13347.202 INF Created player with id=277
2020-05-30T04:06:07 13347.202 WRN InitBreadCrumbs Makarov44 (650.9, 72.1, -2631.5)
2020-05-30T04:06:07 13347.219 INF VehicleManager saving 0 (0 / 0)
2020-05-30T04:06:07 13347.234 ERR EXCEPTION: In load chunk (chunkX=41 chunkZ=-165)
2020-05-30T04:06:07 13347.234 EXC Index was outside the bounds of the array.
2020-05-30T04:06:10 13350.441 INF GMSG: Player 'Makarov44' joined the game
2020-05-30T04:06:10 13350.441 INF PlayerSpawnedInWorld (reason: JoinMultiplayer, position: 650, 71, -2631): EntityID=277, PlayerID='76561198056927900', OwnerID='76561198056927900', PlayerName='Makarov44'

And what we noticed was something we can't reverse, a large portion of our base got reset. It seems the whole chunk was transformed into the way it originally was. We lost almost all of our secure storage boxes. Panicked, I stopped the server, restarted it, and it was still like that.


I'm uploading several logs that might help. Please let me know if you need more information from my side. Thanks!

output_log__2020-05-29__20-23-20.txt output_log__2020-05-30__00-23-38.txt

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