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Follower system /block dmg tied to zombie Tier


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compared to other games  i think 7d2d needs 2 things

1 especially for solo players, a follower system: find human npcs on the map, save them and they will follow you (mot an army, just 2-3) like a human turret/junki e protecting you and your map, still habe to be equipped with armor and weapons

or tame a few tier1-2 zombies (stripper, cheerleader, construction worker, business man, Moe..) with rotten flesh and they will follow you not attackyou, but attack other Zs, not despawn after a while.


2. indestructible blocks depending on z-tier

everyone can destroy wood but the better the material gets (concrete, iron, steel)the stronger the zombies have to get to do damage. because honestly not even aZombie should be able to punch through soli concrete and steel blocks with bare hands, they would end up with bloody stumps but Biker,s Soldiers, Cops, Demolishers could do that



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