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  1. no update for 19.2 so far?
  2. i mean someone asked for the clip increase on Nexus and you basically said it was a done deal with A18 already so its possible ppl thought it was too much work or you didn't wanna do it. There is certainly demand for it. I have several shorter collections of clips that i'd like to watch. stuff for the day and stuff just for the night if you get it. SO i'd really appreciate it, if you find the time, if you could increase the number to 12 or maybe even add another mod version that has another 12 so 24 total (more than 12 on a tv would be too much). And i am a tech idiot, barely know how to tell my Pc whivh player to use to play videos so i don't know about formatting. But i tried several videos now, differnent sources, selfmade, DLs from youtube and other sites different sizes, 720-2160p all worked fine as long as they were initially mp4. maybe VLC just screws up the format change
  3. i am trying to play a 100MB video with the TV but it won't load. its MP4 and 1080p. looks like the size is too big?or does the mod mot like converted files. and on Nexus you mentioned that for A18 you wanted to expand the playable clips to 10-12. any plans on still doing that?
  4. removes the 2nd belt but also makes the 2 new slots unuseable. I can still put items in there but not access them with mouse or keyboard
  5. Since the latest update 19.1 adding this adds another row to my toolbar so i have 20 slots on my screen.
  6. the "no diggingZombies prevents the new shiny Zs from spawning, i still get the old models
  7. so i am in 19.1 and wanted to take a look at the new Zombies but, for example, the Stripper, spawned via entityspawner is still the old one. are they not yet ingame?
  8. Basically just like your Survivors but non agressive. Just walking around , not attacking, not destroying blocks, not going into rage mode when they fall...
  9. would it be possible to a some "pacifist" Humans, unarmed, unable to attack/go into rage mode, just to populate a PoI? And/or add some friendly versions of existing Zombies? esp those that are going to be changed/removed (Cheerleader, Stripper...) would be nice to populate the School and strip club with appropriate Zs
  10. so which zombie is which with the Zombie display mod, they all are named the same except the number. no idea which one is the cop, thestripper, nurse, tourist... and they spawn in a weird position. no way to name them and make them in 1 sleeping and 1 standing pos?
  11. Alright but unfortunate. Maybe you could re-release he old archer gal as a survivor, a character allied to the player. i liked that model btw is the Archer the same from darkness falls mod? because they look alike. And i changed the harley template and spawned 2 smg harleys and 2 pistol harleys and they attacked each other after a short while. Why?
  12. the Vault survivors have been removed from the human Pack? or renamed? Becasue i can't find them. Same for the Archers
  13. CAn i make harley non hotile the same way i did for A18?
  14. can you expand this to include other items like Turrets(mayve enablie infinite ammo), motion sensors/cameras, traps?
  15. Could someone creat a mod that removes the electricity requirement from Lights, Turrets, Doors... (i thinnk by cahanging the Assembly sharp dll file) so that they can jsut be placed anywhere and turned on and off, no more need for wiring, batteries, switches?
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