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I understand that the items below (other than traps) doesnt contribute to actual gameplay and is merely cosmetic but TFP has opened the door for this game to be more than just a tower defense game. When I personally describe this game to others (i know what the game description says in steam/forums but never-the-less) I say "It is a survival, exploration, building, resource gathering, questing, trading, farming RPG". It reminds me in some ways of a live first person RTS game like Age of Empires/ Empire Earth etc.. I mention this because it does feel like you are working through the "Ages" like Stone age, Dark Age, Middle Age, etc


Some things I "feel" as though it could use:


More decor - I've come across lotsa big poi's that are big but empty, feels like wasted space and is underwhelming. Plus opening some of the mod creator blocks for vanilla would be nice. Sure you could go into creative mode but having that in vanilla seems more appealing when you want to play the game vs just building. Some decors are buy-only from trader as well. Some of the decor ideas I mention in the points below.


More paint  - If we're building new buildings and then painting them the paint would be new, so more fresher/cleaner painting abilities would be nice. Also more color options from the spectrum of colors. Maybe a color wheel to choose from a rgb/hue/saturation.


More textures - Having more texture options opens up the player creativity more when building. Aside from more textures, having the ability to paint (change color of) textures would be nice. For example if I like the graphic of red wood but i want the color of that texture to be blue I place the texture, then paint on it to change color.


More electricity options (some of these has already been mentioned as possible in later releases or by other players or thrown to the modders to mod in) but vanilla, again, would be nice. With relation to what I was mentioning about going up in "Ages" it defines the more modern age - aside from more lighting blocks (which comes under decor as all these probably do), having a working stove, working sink (not electricity based but worth mentioning), higher tier forge, higher tier cement mixer, higher tier generator, more electricity based traps, neon signs/letters are just a few thoughts.


More traps (some can be made turret or player controlled) - mortar,  flame, electric chain-linked type fences, oil/fire-pits that you can put at ground level outside a player-built wall to name a few.


Water improvement - Not sure what happened but back in the day you dug up a block next to a water block and the water would naturally fill in. Or, the more water you put into a dug up area the higher the water would get (supports moats). Danger added to deeper water whether its creature danger. poisoned/radiated, or something else (i see swimming Zed's now but aside from that). These option dont have to happen in all water but in some areas it being possible. Plus a way to cross water other than swimming. I have seen may people create RWG with minimal water because of the tediousness it adds to crossing. Sure a bridge can be built but thats a whole 'nother monster.


Long enough post for now



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