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  1. sphereii, a friend of mine is having an issue with this as well.. any ideas? I've had him 1) try right clicking >> run as admin (which is apparently not an option anymore).. 2) Told him to right click > properties > compatibility > run as admin -- it greyed out (even after selecting: change for all users) 3) turn off user accounts (change user account control settings) - no help 4) right click > open with... > click ok if "Windows Installer" is there (hoping it would allow him to select "run anyway" under "more info" in the Windows protected your PC screen) ... anything else to try? an .exe perhaps? edit: he's not even seeing the Windows protected your pc screen (Smartscreen)... I know thats a separate windows issue... I have him updating windows (he has build 1803) and we'll try again tomorrow..
  2. the mechbee plays hell in quests (had to comment that one out), other than that love the work that has been put forth. so thank you
  3. kinda missed the part where i said "when 7daystodie_data doesnt have a "mods" folder anywhere in his file structure", plus it's saying "Trying to guess path from mod name". Is there a file that i should have him look at to make sure its pointing correctly? he showed me his 7daystodie_data (when he gets home from work i asked him to look in each of the folders to be 100% certain since it said there was a "/../Mods") imgur of _data folder: https://imgur.com/gkw9fVd **Edit**: I think i figured it out, he's gonna check when he gets home.. he said he created folders for each of the packs naming the folders "0-CreaturePackAnimals" (as an example), extracted the files (which already have a folder named as such in there) and moved each into Mods folder.. so his file structure is actually: Steam\steamapps\common\7 Days To Die\Mods\0-CreaturePackAnimals\0-CreaturePackAnimals.. so a install oops.. thanks for reply mr.devolver ^5
  4. heya Xyth. 4/5 players are having no issues with the packs thus far (thank you for work), however 1 player is having multiple errors upon entering the game. He has a folder structure that is correct as far as i could see: steamapps/common/7 days to die/mods/0-creaturepack* . Couple things i noticed is a) its saying "[MODS] No mods folder found" b) when i did a console "killall" -- 2020-09-01T16:53:20 8086.060 INF Executing command 'killall' by Terminal Window - Gave 99999 damage to entity humanWhispererBetaHunter -- and he was able to enter game c) it keeps referencing: steamapps/common/7 days to die/7daystodie_data/../mods/0-creaturepack*/resources/harleysounds.unity3d failed , when 7daystodie_data doesnt have a "mods" folder anywhere in his file structure.. If you can provide assistance I would appreciate it.. I'll provide whatever i can: output log: https://pastebin.com/XQKT3Wmb Imgur: https://imgur.com/a/MIqgdFr
  5. not that i dont like it, was tryin to combine with an overhaul mod that advised against using nitrogen (for the time being). So thought I'd ask to be absolutely certain.. thank you for response
  6. so, to verify: nitrogen has to be used in order to use this compopack?
  7. Haven't encountered zombie bears in a horde night (19 nites achieved thus far) yet either. GS is 382
  8. Until Demolishers.. then not so much, least from my experiences..
  9. We decided before we tweak more settings and try to do anything more with zombie count that we would do one more duo horde night (126). Partied up and went balls to the walls -- man that was an intense battle! FPS started out strong 50-60, at about 2230 fluctuation between 25-44 fps. Managed to capture some photos that I thought I would share before video's done. Photos: Video:
  10. I started agility/bow and thought it was a very good starter stealth weapon. The +200% sneak damage out of the gate was a refreshing touch. I used it thru compound bow. There was a very noticeable time frame where a silenced weapon over-took the bow. When I got a) urban combat 7-piece bonus and/or b) desert vulture (most likely this first) it became the go to over the bow.
  11. Friends and I decided to not restart just yet since there'll most likely be another edition of 19 (19.1+) and so far none of the patches have "broken" anything, thankfully. Friend and I did 119 horde night, separately (and not partied). Game Stats: lvls 158 & 46, gamestages 331 & 110. I have it set to Warrior with max alive set to 100 and per player set to 24 (Thinking of adjusting some settings and increasing this for a test next horde night). This is a dedicated server running on my machine, that i'm also playing on, set at 2k res with variable medium to high settings (a couple low/off's like motion blur etc). Machine stats: i9-9900k (4.18ghz), rtx 2070, game and server are on ssd, ram 32gb (3200mhz) - Game uses up to 30% CPU and 93%+ GPU - RAM is at 6200MB today. Server uses up to about 10% cpu and 978MB ram. The night went rather well in terms of fps. There was a couple dips below 30's but it lasted about a second or so. I mostly unnoticed the dips until the end of the night. Toward the end of the night beginning of morning I noticed the drop (commented on it as well in video). Variable weapons used, all types of zombies present. I still need to "get good" with the pesky demolishers. Tried lowering the DPI of my mouse but it doesnt seem to take so zoomed in far away shots are hard for me with shaky hands. Hoping maybe these videos are helpful in some/any way possible.
  12. My A19 experience thus far would be: between surviving, maintaining self/base, and exploring there's never a "downtime" for me. If my forges, concrete mixers, chem stations, and workbenches aren't doing something then that's a problem, for me. I like where the perks are thus far. Love the mining still. As far as equipment later stages, the armor is good, the t3 weapons feel lacking in regards to endgame damage output - almost feels like there should be a t4 (another tier) - for demolishers/radiated swarms. Current weapons do get the job done, don't get me wrong, it's just a "feeling". Enjoying the building aspect so far in A19. I do wish we had more cleaner paint color variety (not a fan, myself, of chipped concrete / rusted metal colors). Sitting here waiting for my ammo to finish up in preparation for D105 horde nite. My base, besides some finishing touch-ups, is where I wanted it to be and is ready for testing before I add more "extras" or start another project. A special "Thank you" to @madmole and the rest of TFP for giving this disabled vet something to preoccupy the mind with. Here's the base:
  13. Day 98 Horde Night Difficulty: Warrior, Day cycle: 120 minutes, Max zombies: 100, Bloodmoon count: 24 Pretty much everything else left on vanilla/default settings 2-Player DUO Player Levels: Me: 130, friend: 71 Gamestage: Me: 272, friend: 170 My current horde base is under major construction so a friend offered for me to join them. I don't think I'll get an invite again anytime soon. To be fair, he said he copied a design he saw from a streamer.. lol
  14. Think I may have scared the crap outta trader Rekt LOL:
  15. The ugly terrain blobs (dirt blocks) are merely cheap placeholders for upcoming structures, plus the zeds dont really prioritize them so its limiting a side that they attack - at least thats how it appears.. The auto turrets are held up with "plates", one facing the ground and the plate above that is facing the opposite direction (creates a field that you can walk within - zeds still target the plates, just not as much). My team punished me for going to sleep on them early yesterday, when i woke they left me with D84 horde nite. The demolishers definitely punished some of my decisions lol. 908 total credited kills -horde nite alone - though! (HD is still processing).
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