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Mutators - random mission/POI/biome based buffs


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Was playing WWZ after their GotY update, and noticed the Challenge Mode. Basically a weekly random map with 3 random debuffs, which usually effect important gameplay effects such as spawns, loot, ammo, etc. Some examples below:


Thief - No ammo crates. Melee to restore ammo.

Empty Pockets - 50% ammo capacity.

Class Weakness X - 50% Damage and health for X class.

Cannon Fodder - No special zombies/freaks. Additional spawn waves.

Restless Hordes - Additional spawn waves.

Nighttime - More sleeper zombies.

Iron Man - When HP reaches 0, die permanently.

Ammo Dump - Expend unused ammo on reload.

Die Hard - You have 50% more HP.

Perfect Condition - Decrease max HP after being stunned/knocked down. Cannot die.

Iron Hide - Less chance to stun/knockdown zombies.


Etc... You get the picture. Fairly certain Mutators have been done in other FPS or arcade-style multiplayer games previous to WWZ as well. They are basically randomized buffs/debuffs, which decrease/increase the tier of a POI or quest. Unlike normal buffs however, they are applied to a specific POI/biome, not the player, for the duration of the mission/event. They also make temporary changes to the core gameplay, such as spawns and loot.


Don't know if the existing system is already capable of something like this, or even the weather system for hazardous weather per biome.  It may already, but I have yet to see it be utilized in such a fashion. However, mutators would add an immense amount of diversity and extend replay-ability for otherwise predictable missions, POIs and biomes.

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