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Junk mech tech!


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Hello survivors! I had this idea a couple years back, and it seemed like a ridiculous idea at that time, but since the addition of junk turrets and the upcoming junk drones, maybe this idea isnt that ridiculous any more:


How about being able to craft a junk mech as a late game vechicle? 


A scrappy exo-suit, about 4 blocks tall and 3 blocks wide. 


It would be controlled in a similar fashion as the player: it can walk, sprint and make small jumps. 

The normal walking speed is a little slower than player-sprinting, and shift-speed is a bit faster than sprinting. 


When accessing the mech inventory, you can put items there as usual, but in addition the mech has a "hot-bar Inventory", which is the same size as the player hotbar. In this inventory, you can put tools and weapons, and this gear can then be used by the mech.

The mech has 2 arms, being capable of using 2 pieces of gear at the same time.

Its hot-bar inventory has 1 primary slot (its has always this gear euipped) while the 8 others are secondary and switchable with the mousewheel.  (left-click to use primary arm gear, right-click to use secondary arm gear) 


You cannot use the secondary action on the gear in the mech, meaning you cannot build, power-attack or aim with it. However, the melee-attacks from the mech are empowered by default, and you dont need to reload any guns. 

Ammo for weapons and gas for powertools are Automaticly taken from the mechs main inventory. 

(Refueleing the mech itself still has to be done manually.) 


Suggestion to crafting materials:

1 generator bank

1 battery bank

1 Mech chassi (mostly tons of steel and mechanical parts) 

1 Mech accessories (lots of various components such as pipes and electrical parts.) 

4 Mech limb (some mechanical parts, springs, a small engine and a bunch of steel) 


The role of this mech would probably be a resource harvester (wrom wrom double chainsaws/augers!) and a short range heavy combat vechicle. 


Feel free to come with any input of this idea! x) 


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