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Few ideas Importante


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What this game really needs so far:

1- Optimize the game please. Not every one has RTX2080TI or GTX 124789127391823.

2- Can we get proper character models. FOR GOD SAKE WE HAVE THE SAME MODELS OVER 6 YEARS!!!!!!!

3- How about better hit box and iron sight system?


Thanks game is great but some stuff has higher priority.


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I'm gonna try to tackle this post, OP. Anything I say is only an opinion based off what I've experienced, so no offence is intended to anyone.


1- I don't have a top tier video card, but it is a decent one (a GeForce GTX 1080). I tend to turn a couple things down due to knowing that I can't do max settings on 4k resolution, even on a well optimized game at this level of complexity ( I'm meaning of how everything works ). Tweaking a few things like lowering shadow detail a little, lowering reflections down one level, etc. helps a lot. Right now my monitor only supports 1920x1080 (and slugs it at no less than 45 fps at current settings nearly all maxed during big hordes), which helps, but when I was running on my UHD tv at 4k resolution, my video card struggled to hold 30 fps without a horde, so I turned just a couple things down 1 level and that solved my issue there. Look around on the forums and you should be able to find advice to help keep it running fast without losing much quality at all


2- I think I read in the dev diary that they were planning to upgrade these models, but you'd have to read it through to find it or someone can verify that for me. Plus, I still make a custom one, usually really goofy looking for fun.


3- I have horrible aim as I am not as fast as I used to be with reaction time, so I haven't seen too much issue with the hit box. I usually hit where I want if I have time to aim and the mob ain't moving too fast. Can't hit those twitchy ones very well. Iron sights, well, I admit I have trouble aiming a bow, and tend to put a reflex sight on the crossbow as soon as possible, but don't have too much issue with the rest except the camera focus thing. I don't see much improvement that can be made, but extremely light tweaking to either seems a waste of resources (with as much time as it would be to do such minute adjustments) considering how decent they are as of right now, compared to many games and previous alphas of this game

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