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Some Questions for Helpful Modders

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I'm creating a scenario called Project Firebird. (PF) I'm only a 'cut & paste' artist, so I need help. I'm trying to stay with only XML changes. 

A synopsis of the scenario:

PF - It's been some time since the apocalypse played out. Survivors have amassed and grown in strength. 
However crude, civilization has returned and needs to expand. They are sending scout/engineers (the team) into Zombie Occupied Territory (ZOT) to secure areas and build housing so people may return to the cities. 

However, the force responsible for the outbreak (anti-hero) is still at work, mutating zombies to launch an offensive against the efforts of the team. 
The team has to clear an area, establish a base and build a housing complex. Relevant quests will be available, the last will target the anti-hero and serve as an end game action.

These are things I'm trying to do. I'd sure appreciate any wisdom as to whether the idea is possible/practical. 

#1 - I'm trying to have specific creatures spawn at cemeteries, when players arrive. 
I tried this, but it didn't work.

<!-- spawning creatures @ POIs -->
<!-- This already exists in rwgmixer.xml -->
        <prefab_rule name="oldResidential_Cemetary-Churches">
            <prefab name="cemetery_01" prob="0.5" />
            <prefab name="cemetery_02" prob="0.5" />
            <prefab name="church_graveyard1" />

<!-- I added this to spawning.xml -->
    <entityspawner name="oldResidential_Cemetary-Churches">

        <day value="*">
            <property name="ResetToday" value="false" />

            <property name="EntityGroupName" value="CemeteryGroup" />
            <property name="Time" value="Any" />

            <property name="DelayBetweenSpawns" value="0" />
            <!-- in seconds -->
            <property name="TotalAlive" value="5" />

            <property name="TotalPerWave" value="5" />
        <property name="DaysToRespawnIfPlayerLeft" value="5" /> <!-- in game days -->

            <property name="AttackPlayerAtOnce" value="false" />

            <property name="Territorial" value="false" />
            <property name="TerritorialRange" value="60" />

<!-- I added this to entitygroups.xml -->
    <entitygroup name="CemeteryGroup">
        <entity name="fantasyBloodFlySwarm_X" prob="0.6"/> <!-- Fantasy Creature Collection -->
        <entity name="zombieBanshee" prob="0.25"/> <!-- Snufkin -->
        <entity name="ZombieUndertaker" prob="0.25"/> <!-- Snufkin -->
        <entity name="sanZombieReaper" prob="0.25"/> <!-- Bad Company -->

<!-- I think It's missing a formal connection between rwgmixer and spawning. There's something btwn dogs and barns that works, but no visible connection btwn rwgmixer and spawning. Must be hard coded somewhere. -->

Do I have to make or mod prefabs? 
Is an <entityspawner..> a device like a sleeper block?


#2 - Is it possible to create a "clear POI" quest with a specific entity target? 
Does the 'quest trigger' replace the existing POI with a custom twin?

I want to use the initial trader as a contact point for the team. I want to add some quests that follow our storyline. 
As sort of an end game event, I'd like to do a "Clear POI" quest, in which the anti-hero is the target. Setting the target at/near the top of Higassi Pharma is my intention. 
#3 - I can't find any effective XML fix to stop sleepers from respawning. I've read that raising the timer doesn't work. I think we can use multiple LCBs as a backup. 


#4 - I can't find a current list of particle effects. Is there a way to reduce the intensity of a particle effect?
I want to add the shock effect to an entity's appearance. But it's more electrical energy than I want.


#5 - I know zombies can be made to attack animals. Can they be made to attack crops? Isn't one of their actions "attack area" or something like that?


#6 - Can I make changes in-game and place items, then reset clock to  Day 1 without problems?


Thank you in advance.

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