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  1. I think your right. I've had a chance to check it twice and it's gone. This was my first chance to play A19 so I wasn't aware of the glitch. (I've been buried under an avalanche of chores since last summer.) Is it a SP issue or will it show on a MP server? If MP, does it occur simultaneously to all players? Side note: Thank you for your contributions to 7DTD. I'm a Mod Monger. You can tell from hours played, I love to mod and play 7DTD. I can't tell you how many times I've used your mods or code. You've kept other's mods alive for the public's benefit and the sake of a better game. I thank you immensely. Donation to follow. You deserve it.
  2. First of all, let me thank and praise all who are involved in NitroGen and CompoPak. We owe you guys a lot. I created an 8192 map with Compo47. I've tried it in both A19.3 and 19.4. Everything about the map is excellent, except my POIs have a double skin, which creates a shimmer. If I destroy a block, the texture remains, blocking the view into the building. If I open a door, there's a texture like a screen blocking the view. I'd really like to salvage this map for my server. What did I mess up?
  3. I get one of these for each of the biomes. The ore is in game, though. Are these anything to concern myself with? BTW, thank you for the mod. Edit: could be conflict with Punishing Weather by Doughphungus. They both alter the same line in biomes.xml Edit: it's not from Punishing Weather. I pulled it and started a new game. Still get warnings.
  4. There must have been some name changes between 42 and 43. If your issues is the same as mine, there's only about 8 POIs involved, even though the output log list is long. Example: 2020-05-17T11:57:12 161.926 ERR Prefab loading failed. Prefab 'xcostum_Shoppingcenter(by_Tom)' does not exist! 2020-05-17T11:57:12 161.927 WRN Could not load prefab 'xcostum_Shoppingcenter(by_Tom)'. Skipping it It now exists in Compo43 as xcostum_Shoppingcenter(by_TopMinder), so it isn't found, meaning it isn't loaded. I manually changed the names of the prefabs involved, back to the names in CP42. It's a bit of a pain as there's 6 files with each POI. But I no longer get the errors in the output log and my missing POIs are back in the mix. There's about 5 POIs that need (by_TopMinder) changed to (by_Tom). There's 1 that needs to change from Sky TwinTowers(by_topMinder) to Sky Diner(by_Tom) There's 2 by Stallionsden that need LMART changed to Truckstop. If there was a problem changing these, it would have shown in the output log. These POIs were idle because they were renamed between 42 and 43.
  5. Hi Xyth, Got this error with the latest DL of the Human pack. 2020-05-06T18:50:22 90.190 EXC Requested value 'BlockPenetrationFactor' was not found. ArgumentException: Requested value 'BlockPenetrationFactor' was not found. This is the only instance I found. <item name="ammoNPCShotgunShell"> <passive_effect name="BlockPenetrationFactor" operation="base_set" value="5"/> I commented it out and the pack loaded. Thanks to you and all the contributors.
  6. Guppycur, thanks for all the mods. FYI the flamethrower zip file on 7daystodiemods.com shows 0kb when downloaded.
  7. scm1893

    DMT Modding Tool

    Thanks sphereli. Yeah, the only viable method appears to be through DMT.
  8. scm1893

    DMT Modding Tool

    All I really want is to stop sleeper respawn on my server. Do I and the other players on the server all need to do this?
  9. scm1893

    A16 Valmod Pack

    Valmar, Sorry to bother you but you're the one person to ask. In your mod collection, have you modded store shelving into a container? I can find little on it in searches. I looked at trying it myself but there's some variation in containers, which leaves me unsure what I can do. We have a bunch of prefabs using the store shelving but if I want to leave something for a group to find, I have to use a cardboard box. I don't think all store shelving should be containers. A shelving clone container would be useful. I'm sure you've already looked at this. Is there a problem getting a decoration changed to a container? btw - nice collection of mods
  10. scm1893

    Bomber Zombie

    I believe Gazz is correct. I've not been able to see any visual effects from my trials*. Is there a workaround? *I made the pipebomb into a napalm type bomb. It does little block damage but has a wider range for entity damage. I added burningSmall as a buff for those in the blast radius. But I don't think it's triggering. Not trying to hijack thread, just wanted to find out if someone can confirm what Gazz said.
  11. scm1893

    Bomber Zombie

    Aren't the bones listed in physicbodies.xml correctly named? If not, that would explain why I could never get the particle effect to stick. In a separate note, I tried to attach the flaming barf to a dog. Everything worked pretty well except I could never get the particle effect visible. I tested the cop as it is and it performed well. [except as noted, the burning sound continuing] Caught me off guard once. I ran around and behind during his spew and it changed directions and hit me while I was straight behind him.
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