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  1. I get one of these for each of the biomes. The ore is in game, though. Are these anything to concern myself with? BTW, thank you for the mod. Edit: could be conflict with Punishing Weather by Doughphungus. They both alter the same line in biomes.xml Edit: it's not from Punishing Weather. I pulled it and started a new game. Still get warnings.
  2. There must have been some name changes between 42 and 43. If your issues is the same as mine, there's only about 8 POIs involved, even though the output log list is long. Example: 2020-05-17T11:57:12 161.926 ERR Prefab loading failed. Prefab 'xcostum_Shoppingcenter(by_Tom)' does not exist! 2020-05-17T11:57:12 161.927 WRN Could not load prefab 'xcostum_Shoppingcenter(by_Tom)'. Skipping it It now exists in Compo43 as xcostum_Shoppingcenter(by_TopMinder), so it isn't found, meaning it isn't loaded. I manually changed the names of the prefabs involved, back to the names in CP42. It's a bit of a pain as there's 6 files with each POI. But I no longer get the errors in the output log and my missing POIs are back in the mix. There's about 5 POIs that need (by_TopMinder) changed to (by_Tom). There's 1 that needs to change from Sky TwinTowers(by_topMinder) to Sky Diner(by_Tom) There's 2 by Stallionsden that need LMART changed to Truckstop. If there was a problem changing these, it would have shown in the output log. These POIs were idle because they were renamed between 42 and 43.
  3. 1" tags="buffBurningMolotov,buffBurningElement"><!--Element appended by: "ComSenMod"--></passive_effect> It looks like you have > where you should have /> and </passive effect> should be removed. Also, do you have to add all the burning options to tags? I'm far from actually knowing anything about this, so if I'm whack, sorry. Just trying to help.
  4. Hi Xyth, Got this error with the latest DL of the Human pack. 2020-05-06T18:50:22 90.190 EXC Requested value 'BlockPenetrationFactor' was not found. ArgumentException: Requested value 'BlockPenetrationFactor' was not found. This is the only instance I found. <item name="ammoNPCShotgunShell"> <passive_effect name="BlockPenetrationFactor" operation="base_set" value="5"/> I commented it out and the pack loaded. Thanks to you and all the contributors.
  5. Not bein rude. I think there's a DF thread in Mods. You might try there. The author's more likely to look there than here.
  6. I'm creating a scenario called Project Firebird. (PF) I'm only a 'cut & paste' artist, so I need help. I'm trying to stay with only XML changes. A synopsis of the scenario: These are things I'm trying to do. I'd sure appreciate any wisdom as to whether the idea is possible/practical. #1 - I'm trying to have specific creatures spawn at cemeteries, when players arrive. I tried this, but it didn't work. Do I have to make or mod prefabs? Is an <entityspawner..> a device like a sleeper block? #2 - Is it possible to create a "clear POI" quest with a specific entity target? Does the 'quest trigger' replace the existing POI with a custom twin? I want to use the initial trader as a contact point for the team. I want to add some quests that follow our storyline. As sort of an end game event, I'd like to do a "Clear POI" quest, in which the anti-hero is the target. Setting the target at/near the top of Higassi Pharma is my intention. #3 - I can't find any effective XML fix to stop sleepers from respawning. I've read that raising the timer doesn't work. I think we can use multiple LCBs as a backup. #4 - I can't find a current list of particle effects. Is there a way to reduce the intensity of a particle effect? I want to add the shock effect to an entity's appearance. But it's more electrical energy than I want. #5 - I know zombies can be made to attack animals. Can they be made to attack crops? Isn't one of their actions "attack area" or something like that? #6 - Can I make changes in-game and place items, then reset clock to Day 1 without problems? Thank you in advance.
  7. Yeah, one can't have everything. It doesn't look like her scream is calling zombies, anyway. I'm thinking I'll return the screamer to vanilla and change the name on this one. I'm gonna to try and spawn them from cemetery POIs.
  8. Thanks xyth, I'll make the switch. Now, she behaves just like a vulture, flying around the map and screaming once in awhile. The scout group and the entity have the same name, zombieScreamer. I only got her to spawn from the heat map once, for sure. I'll try again. EDIT: hornet class made the difference for targeting. she attacks on site now. she still doesn't use the projectile attack. It looks like she positions herself for it, but nothing happens. I spawned 2 in from the heat map but their screams didn't summon any zombies. But, she is the pest I wanted her to be.
  9. Hi TSBX, I tried inserting AI tasks/targets from the vulture and other sources I knew were working. I tried eliminating all but the ones that targeted the player/entity but it didn't change. Lol. It took me a couple of minutes to make the wife connection. I was thinking I'd left a comment about her somewhere in the notes.
  10. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2066221089 My skill level is cut and paste. Borrowing heavily from Snufkin, Robeloto, Guppycur, JaxTeller718, KhaineGB and War3zuk, I modded the screamer. Basic Screamer - transparent - flies - scream has AoE Feral Screamer - add electric energy to appearance - add shock buff to melee attack Radiated Screamer - add electrical projectile attack However crude the code is, most of it works. She looks good. She flies. She screams and her AoE works but... She won't target me unless I injure her. She never uses the projectile attack. And, when spawned from the heat map, her scream isn't calling any zombies. Here's some (rough) code to look at. Any help or pointers to clean up the code will be appreciated. ==== entities ===== ==== items ===== ==== buffs ===== ==== sounds =====
  11. Guppycur, thanks for all the mods. FYI the flamethrower zip file on 7daystodiemods.com shows 0kb when downloaded.
  12. scm1893

    DMT Modding Tool

    Thanks sphereli. Yeah, the only viable method appears to be through DMT.
  13. scm1893

    DMT Modding Tool

    All I really want is to stop sleeper respawn on my server. Do I and the other players on the server all need to do this?
  14. Thanks LW. I understand it better. I hadn't thought about the data transfer. I wasn't clear on just what 'push' meant. But, yeah, now that I think it thru, it makes sense. I was thinking a server was just a big PC we shared but I was overlooking all the data transfer that takes place within my PC, which would now have to be transferred via internet services, multiplied by the number of players. Who'd pay for all that? I get it. I gotta agree with you on not letting the server alter my files. I'd rather do it manually. I had thought there might be legal issues over proper use of a mod author's permission. But, now that I have a clearer understanding of what push means, data transfer seems obvious. Thanks again.
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