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Bacon & Bullets EP 1 (Megabase)

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In our new lets play series 7 Days to Die called Bacon and Bullets, we lay the foundations of our mega base, raid a church start on the, clear a forest and watch the sun come up over our base. We also explode some heads.



There will lots of bullets and even more bacon, eventually :)

A whole new custom intro as well


So some general rules we are to follow in this series are


No using POI as a base

64 Zombies on Hoard Night

Hoard Base and Resources base must be the same base.


So that's the rules for this play through,


we are also mainly going to be using a spear and rifles build. Come on down for the fun.


Thanks everyone for watching it really means a lot to me and of would you kindly depress the like button and the subscribe for more great content :)

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