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Game disc wont play


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I recently installed the game on my xbox one and when i went to launch it it keeps saying do u own this game or app and gives me an error code 0x803f8001


The best advice I can give you, is to reset your entire Xbox One console while keeping your games and apps. You will need to log your account back in though, but all your games and apps will remain installed on the hard drive. This process should help, but I also suggest uninstalling 7 Days To Die and delete any saved data from console only and then do a fresh reinstall after the console reset. Follow these steps below and see if this helps.


Xbox Reset while keeping games and apps:


1. Go to settings

2. Go to System and select "Console info"

3. Choose the middle option "Reset console"

4. Now select "Reset and keep my games and apps"


PS: If this doesn't fix the problem then there might be an issue with the disc or the blu-ray player. I own the game on Xbox One myself and never had an issue with it, but try the method I explained above and see if that helps, cheers!

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