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[QUESTION] Plant tree seeds, want random growth caps. Possible modlet or XML change?


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I am starting to get somewhat comfortable directly adjusting server-side xmls and have done some minor tweaks/fixes/code modifications lately. However, this is beyond the scope of my skills.


Is it possible to create a growth scale of like (1,5) prob = 1 for when the client goes to plant trees so I can some sort of more natural look when replanting. I was considering just letting trees respawn through a modlet, assuming they go back to whatever height they spawned in at. It looks to be something modifiable via. the xmls, but I'm over my head. Anyone ever attempted it? Does it already exist in a modlet (I've looked and can't find it)? Any pointers to how I would create it via. recipe.xml or something? My goal would be to completely randomize how tall the trees would grow and hopefully actually randomly rotate as well. Thx in advance

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