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G3 and HK33 Assault rifles?


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Since the fun pimps are currently reworking the MP5 model and animations it might be a good move to also create the models for the G3 and (or) HK33 assault rifle since those guns share some of the parts with an MP5 (model would be easy to create with existing assets) and the animations would be nearly identical (they would only need to be adjusted for the thicker magazine) however both assault rifles would be very different from the mp5 or anything we have in the game right now since the g3 only has a 20 round magazine but it has a very long barrel and large caliber (larger then the ak and m4 but identical with M60) and could also get a modification to turn it into a Sniper rifle. I understand that this wouldnt be a priority since theres currently a "machine gun" for every Tier in the works but it would just seem to be easier to do then a completely new rifle and i just really like the G3 no matter in wich game it is implemented.

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