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  1. how do you download this my browser cant open the link neither chrome or firefox
  2. it shouldnt be too hard to figure out in wich xml you need to adjust some settings. In the loot XML file you will find these commands: loot_prob_template="ProbT0" loot_prob_template="ProbT1" loot_prob_template="ProbT2" loot_prob_template="ProbT3" they seem to be responsible for assigning the Item "Tier" and your gamestage defines what "Tier" you are allowed to get so changing everything to T0 will propably unlevel the entire loot but i guess that will be extremely unbalanced and make certain items like the doublebarrel shotgun or the iron pickaxe ob
  3. Im currently trying to do a small gameplay overhaul for 7 days to die simmilar to Romero-ish but a bit more leaning towards Resident Evil. in this overhaul i want zombies to be able to tank an infinite amount of gun and melee damage and the only way to kill them is to get a critical headshot. The Reason i want to do this specific overhaul is because i want zombies to not give a @%$*#! about any kind of damage unless it completely destroys their head or another body part because it seams odd to me that a zombie would die from getting shot in the leg. In other words: this overhaul is s
  4. Steam name: Der Radikale Richard Hours played: 481 Started on Alpha: 10 I think... (I remeber the old forge system with molds, having to craft sharp stones and that the spider was the screamer zombie i dont know if that was alpha 10) Discord name: Der Radikale Richard #4757 Native language: German (English is no problem for me) Operating system : Windows 10 PC: GTX1080TI I7 8700K 2x8GB DDR4 RAM
  5. Since the fun pimps are currently reworking the MP5 model and animations it might be a good move to also create the models for the G3 and (or) HK33 assault rifle since those guns share some of the parts with an MP5 (model would be easy to create with existing assets) and the animations would be nearly identical (they would only need to be adjusted for the thicker magazine) however both assault rifles would be very different from the mp5 or anything we have in the game right now since the g3 only has a 20 round magazine but it has a very long barrel and large caliber (larger then the ak and m4
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