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  1. how do you download this my browser cant open the link neither chrome or firefox
  2. it shouldnt be too hard to figure out in wich xml you need to adjust some settings. In the loot XML file you will find these commands: loot_prob_template="ProbT0" loot_prob_template="ProbT1" loot_prob_template="ProbT2" loot_prob_template="ProbT3" they seem to be responsible for assigning the Item "Tier" and your gamestage defines what "Tier" you are allowed to get so changing everything to T0 will propably unlevel the entire loot but i guess that will be extremely unbalanced and make certain items like the doublebarrel shotgun or the iron pickaxe obsolete it could also mean that you will be able to obtain better loot from traders as a quest reward then you should but in previous alphas that was handled with its own loot group but it would be odd if they wouldnt have merged everything now that they have this "Tiered loot system"
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