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Kirby Plays Games - 7 Days to Die YouTube Channel


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Greetings Fellow Survivors!,


I started a YouTube channel to share my adventures in 7 Days and have been having a lot of fun making the content.


I don't know many people IRL that play the game, so this has been entirely lost on my family and friends.


I am hoping that by linking the channel here I can share my vids with people who play 7Days and so might appreciate the escapades and experience!


Always looking to improve so let me know if you have any feedback on the videos.




I have been pretty stoked about my new survival series, but am totally open to suggestions regarding future content.


Cheers and happy gaming!



Kirby Plays Games - YouTube

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I put together some tips for finding a public server into this short video. It's only about 15 minutes and once we've covered the basics, I join a couple of servers to do a quick evaluation.


Hopefully this is helpful to other survivors in finding friendly communities during the apocalypse. <3



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