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  1. While I was out and about on Day 6 I stumbled across a BEAR VS WANDERING ZOMBIE HORDE! XD
  2. 5 tips on what to look for when you join a new public server and are first evaluating it. Cheers all! ^_^
  3. Journey's End is a trip... but at least the loot is pretty good! XD
  4. Ever wondered about the Sawmill? Well you need wonder no more! We are exploring it on Day 4 of the Snow Biome Survival series! (Spoiler: LOTS of Lumberjacks around!) Check it out at the link. THANKS! <3
  5. I put together some tips for finding a public server into this short video. It's only about 15 minutes and once we've covered the basics, I join a couple of servers to do a quick evaluation. Hopefully this is helpful to other survivors in finding friendly communities during the apocalypse. <3 Cheers!
  6. Continuing the Snow Biome Survival Series with a Massive Shogun Messiah raid! Also I almost freeze to death... just like any other day! Check it out! XD Please enjoy! <3
  7. My most recent video; Day 2 of my Perma-Death Winter Biome Survival Series. Hope people enjoy. XD
  8. Greetings Fellow Survivors!, I started a YouTube channel to share my adventures in 7 Days and have been having a lot of fun making the content. I don't know many people IRL that play the game, so this has been entirely lost on my family and friends. I am hoping that by linking the channel here I can share my vids with people who play 7Days and so might appreciate the escapades and experience! Always looking to improve so let me know if you have any feedback on the videos. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCWJ...UarSFAfM--khA/ I have been pretty stoked about my new survival series, but am totally open to suggestions regarding future content. Cheers and happy gaming! -Kirby Kirby Plays Games - YouTube
  9. I have been playing this game since for a few years now and have enjoyed taking some of my more recent adventures and editing them up to be shared. My first series was a bunch of horde night high light videos on a public server, but I am starting a solo survival series on Sunday. Anyways, please check out the 7days vids if you feel like it and thanks ahead of time if you do!! Cheers! ~Kirby Kirby Plays Games - YouTube
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