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Solar Banks dont charge when too far away

The Loooser

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There is a bug (which has already been out since A16) with Solar Banks:


They dont charge anymore when you are far away. Now the real problem is: Battery banks still draw their power at any distance.


This will trigger the following situations:


You built your Zombie defense base at Spot X and go for away to spot Y for one night, then coming back at 21:30 for Zombie Horde night just to see that all batteries are empty, even though the Solar Banks would easily charge them in a few hours.


So what now? No power and it may be highly likely that you dont have a generator to quickly replace the solar banks ... then the Horde will destroy you.


Either Solar Banks should be fixed and work like Battery Banks or Battery Banks should be also made buggy and work like Solar Banks. It's good that once I had the very bad situation and now I will come to this Base even in the morning of Horde Night, but others will have to learn it the hard way. :S

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