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Server memory usage

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Hi all survivors,


Is there something I can do/check on my server to reduce memory usage? My server is using 10-11,5gb of memory for 6k map, two people online, RH 6.4 mod and Nitrogen map. I know RH mod is "heavy" on memory but I used to run RH5 on old Acer laptop with only 3gb ram and for two people it was playable, not great but more then enough. Considering this, my dedicated server (AGSservers) is using a lot more.

Is there anything I can check or tinker on my server files? Or can anyone point me where to look for answers? Was googling but so far no luck.

The other day was watching streamer Ruble on Rose and at one point she opened console and there was memory usage of 6-7gb and she was playing with two other friends also RH6 mod (don't know map size).


Will really appreciate any help about this because memory usage is getting really close to my server limit and to be honest little over the budget as for now.



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