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Farming Overhaul


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I did a little research but couldn't find a similar thread, so I think my idea is new and revolutionary:


Farmin Overhaul!

Currently Farming is boring. You unlock seeds by skill, punch them into the ground and and punch them out after a while they magically doubled. This process gets repeated until the server starts crashing because of a 300-tiles wide garden.

This is repetitite and boring.


My idea would be to put plants into Tiers from T0, trivial for everyone, to T3 for plantlife geeks and high-end bases.

The point behind that would be to make planting itself much more difficult, but also more rewarding.

By this, players who don't care are still able to do some basic gardening and get basic foods, but for the more advanced vegetables one needs skillpoints and preperation.


T0 - Corn!

No Skills no Preperation

Seeds: Craft by hand. One ear = 5 Seeds

Planting: Anywhere

Irrigation: None

Yield: 1(+1 per Skill) Corn per plant

Comment: Stupid much work, but easy to setup


T1 - Potatoe

No Skills, but preparation

Seeds: Potatoe + Water bottle = germinating Potatoe

Planting: Needs a garden tile, prepared with a hoe. Will only grow on a 3x3 garden with no adjacent plants

Irrigation: 2 x Water

Yield: 5(+2 per Skill) Potatoes

Comment: Using basic ressource, being a solid source of food


T2 - Blueberry

Ambitious plant for long term usage

Seeds: Attack Fully grown plant with a hoe turrns into 1 seed (10%*Skill for Bonus seed)

Planting: Needs a garden tile, prepared with a hoe

Irrigation: 5 x Water

Yield: 10+ Berries, Plant will not be destroyed(Chance to fail and still deytroy it)

Comment: Getting seeds should be difficult and harvesting needs a skilled farmer, but once established, very rewarding.


T3 - Super Corn

High End Stuff

Seeds: Crafted at Chemistry Bank

Planting: Garden tile and skill

Irrigation: Only grows indoors with artificial light, 1x Water

Yield: 1(+1 per Skill) Super Corn

Comment: High skill gate. Needs Science, Electricity and Gardening skills



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