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Project T PvE: QOL Modded server with 16x Zombies


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Project T

A passion project of my own that once started with me playing single player with mods, that turned into a public server.


Server Hosted specs:

  • 16 GB ram
  • SSD
  • 3.8Ghz cpu
  • New York host location


What Project T Has:

  • Version: 18.3
  • Custom Nitrogen map for more towns/cities/traders
  • 90 Minute days
  • Zombies Walk
  • XP: 80%
  • Loot Rate: 110%
  • Land claims don't decay


That's the pretty standard features to the server. What really brings the server is the quality of life mods that is added. All of it is 100% server sided, no downloads to folders needed. It's all automatic upon joining the server.


Modded Changes:

  • Botman is in the server, giving access to the good ol' commands
  • 16x Zombies, Like the title. More enemies everywhere. Respawns daily, nightly. Watch your back.
  • Lootable/Harvestable Zombies is possible. Balanced and somewhat random.
  • 120 Slot backpack
  • Almost every item/block is at 30k stack size
  • Almost every block has advanced rotation
  • Chests and vehicle storages increased
  • Custom bonfire mod for a more powerful screamer farm
  • 0 slot encumbrance
  • Expanded decorations mod added
  • Tools/weapons/armor modifier slots equal to whatever level they are
  • Spike traps health increased a little
  • Tier six crafting is possible once again
  • Nailguns and hammers are buffed in speed
  • Vehicles are faster
  • Cooked food does not give poison chance. (nor water giving sickness)
  • Simple but clean UI, giving access to food/water information
  • Smart inventory sort mod, giving access to quick dump items or smart dump items into chests
  • Grasscutter Mod
  • Custom vending machines to give your bazaar spot a customizable design
  • Custom recipes added: cookable canned foods, deconstruction via workbench, custom modifiers, etc
  • Forges have 3 slot inputs.
  • Traders Restock daily and open their stores when morning first strikes. (5 AM)
  • More modding


I do hope to see you join the fun! :)

To join the server you can click here: http://steam://connect/

To join our discord server to keep up to date and vc: https://discord.gg/2BYCcYg





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I mean, you can base pretty much where you want but if you lose your base because someone does a quest that’s in the area, I’m not responsible for your base deleted because of it. Mainly the server is pretty relaxed on the rules as long as you’re not rude to others in the server and not try to break the server.

But as for reset zones, there aren’t any because I’ll be implementing places like stores and a few special zones to be unbreakable and the map is big and has several towns/cities.

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