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PVP between factions?


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7D2D doesn't really have a "PvP setting" - it's PvP only because you play the game that way.


The only way to "disable" it (that I can think of) would be to automatically have everyone on the server join the same party before they choose a faction, then leave that party and join another custom "party" based on the faction they join. It would also have to set the player killing mode to "Kill Strangers Only". That way people in the same faction won't suffer friendly fire.


I have no idea if this is possible, even using DMT, because (among other difficulties) 7D2D would have to read the server's npc.xml file before it loads the game options.


And, that's not even considering all the code that would be required to make the player join a faction in the first place.


So, unless TFP intentionally add this feature, the answer is probably no.


But I'd be pleasantly surprised if I'm wrong. The ability to join factions (or, even better, have a variable "alignment" with them) is something I'd like to see, even in SP.

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