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PvP Gamemode with Central city 2 teams

PvM in RS

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https://discord.gg/KzdBQGa - We are looking for people to start a wiped server made with nitrogen map generator specifically with pvp in mind. We have some map ideas generated with one massive city, and few scattered buildings. We are currently gathering as many people as possible now to start off with at least 2 active teams. We currently have several players interested and just begun organizing teams, so if you are interested please join our discord :). This server will be specially designed with pvp in mind, 150% loot, 175% xp, and 20 day loot respawn. we want people to actually have to loot the large city, which will also be a great place to pvp. We want a game that emphasizes team play and strategy and stealth, we want people tracking eachother down to kill eachother, we want REAL pvp. So if any of this interests you join up our discord and we will start this server up as soon as we have enough really interested people.





The server has been launched for a week or so now, and is progressing nicely, if anyone would like to join us we are still adding people to the teams and working on making a third team :)

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