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  1. Hello, my friends and I are currently looking for more people who are interested in playing PvPvE minigames with us on maps I have created. Currently I have created prefabs and a world with 2 large castles, divided by a river with a large bridge I made going over it. This map is designed to be a team vs team style game. Each team starts with the same gear and supplies. So far we have only played a few games, standard team death match, first to 50 kills win. We are also looking to try Capture the Flag, or a attackers/defenders style game mode at later dates. If any of this sounds interesting to
  2. Now I've got the map loaded on my server and all the buildings show up, but when i get close they despawn. ? anyone know whats up?
  3. thanks, i contacted support, but i'll also try this filezilla thing
  4. How am I supposed to copy and paste files into a server that doesn't have a paste function? Like a rented server. Im currently using Ping Perfect
  5. I'm having a indexoutofrangeexception: index was outaide of the bounds of the array error when loading up a new nitrogen map with these prefabs, and i unpacked and copied the files into my prefabs on my game files, i dont get any errors of missing stuff not sure whats up. Game works fine on every other one of my worlds.
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