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Proejct ordo needs the best builders!


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Me and a few other players decided to boot up a server one day fully random gen. Something unexpected happened, we decided to keep spamming playing on it and discovered a new passion for the games build engine. we turned on creative mode and started beggining.


We are calling out for the most impressive buidlers, those who can wtithstand long block placement, the grind to holding up large scale buildings monolithic to the current randomly generated POI's.


Weve begun a world, already filled with a few secrets, large scale build projects, a metro line connecting all current builds and many more plans ahead and now finding the struggle to make large progress under three people.


We want to make this a community run project that allows any player to come in and enjoy some building or training on how to build with the 7days to day build side to the game.




The current primary projects are Perditio University, a large scale building which will inhabit all sides of education, a living quater, and other buildingss for the main complex, but along with the beginning to start a small city of our own. with the university being the center and main building.


The second primary project is The Horde Pyramid. Thyis project will be a casual break of the tedious building to hone our combat against the dead and horde building prevnetion structutres to withstand the blood moons.


Perditio University This project is my main passionate building that ive already placed a frame foundation structure over 20,000 blocks already. I need builders myself that havea good sense of modern aesthetic and art deco architecture alone with semi metro line imagination to help me main a large city begining with the largest building..ive currently seen created and its not even finished yet.


Horde Pyramid This project is lead by my freind who is trying to create the perfect blod moon fall trap pyramid with a large town underneath for only gournd access to the pyramid istself.


Metro Line

The metro line connects all these builds up together, currently mostly just blopwn out tunnels, yet to become a train like platform that is just easy access to each build with stops and stair pockets along each line for surface access.


A new metro line "Metro F" which is being worked on now at a new location in the map, around this metro are two current projects, a giant city based from bedrock to skybox in height, and a silo near by will be converted into black mesa inspired building from half life and will be inspireed heavily on this in terms of size and everything.


The tram is jeeps trapped in particular tunnels that cant be taken out of the tunnel for quicck and speedy travel through the tunnels.

This is the third primary project a mordern, multple-underground city stop tram line that will eventually cover the map.


Final calling!


we need the players that exceed limits through building or atleast want to learn to be a part of this!

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