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  1. wow great work guys honestly looks like this is going to be HECK of an update, when alpha 17 stable succeeds, i believe it was start looking like a beta ready game!
  2. can you add optimized radaeon software combatability ?
  3. stop that hating bro, a hp bar for enemies certainly will not kill the immersion of the game. it will probably be removable and this game is alpha it might even get removed in the future
  4. Sick i love that then found it quite easy to be able to powerlevel the overall wellness, so hype for this patch i know it will be a rather long time till any consumers will see it but hey ho time it takes is as long a piece of string
  5. can i request not remove or have an update in detail about the wellness system removal ?
  6. so with the sign at the end of the snow biome road saying @dont go to roswell@ would that be refering to a possible snow city for navesgane called roswell ?
  7. 'Navezgane County Arizona one of the last true Eden’s on Earth' Message that hopefully devs read! wish i can make a new thread but here it goes so was thinking about one more possible feature from the future ? i might've not looked in the correct areas, but any info on the navesgane map extension ? will it extend ? will it get bigger? referring to the location description of the premade navesgane map, navesgane has roads that continue through the border that goes around 'the last true eden' usually four exits leaving the map each side . Personally id like to see what the OTHER
  8. fair, i was kinda thinking having the value of the hit box stay the same even during static, thus not needing the check ? as in after static re activates on a block that received lets say 10 damage, you go back two days etc later, and its still the same hit box value (allowing players/npcs to cause structure damage permanantley) why would the game need to constantly check static hit box values ?
  9. can we have the HB but for everyone that doesn't want it, make it optional but mandatory for bosses. or why not introduce optional Unit frames, what ever the cursor is on, pops up the target unit frame like next to the health bar or something, also for bosses, just have a mandatory frame that pops up (all ideas showing real time health status)
  10. hi (new user ) been scouring the thread single MM's last post this was the comment i wanna open on first. Basically could we not have static terrain so any block randomly generated is static with a hit box, any damage that applies to the hitbox will toggle the static coding off for each block for say maybe 10 mins ? this could also prove benefit to the optimisation of the game for older/legacy GPUS to handle such a big generation simply because every block in the world thats generate is a static hit box until hit, then its a full block for 10 mins but for every single block in the world
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