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Modded perk points per level and Grandpa's Fergiting exlier help


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So on our server we have perk points set to 2 per level but when using the fergitin elixer and if the person is level 55 it would return 58 points, that is less, is there anything i need to do to make it so that it will return the correct number of 55x2=110 points which its not doing.


<level max_level="300" exp_to_level="10000" experience_multiplier="1.05" skill_points_per_level="2" clamp_exp_cost_at_level="60">

So this line here with the skill_points_per_level="2" each level we get 2, but the reset potion seems to be ignoring the skill_points_per_level which may be a hardcoded thing?

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