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A18 Starting Item Plus (Increase some items and add whole volume of one kind of book)


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This modlet can increase starting items.

Mainly for multiplayer, but not bad for single play.




Starting Items

  • Pure Mineral Water (2)
  • Can of Chili (3)
  • First Aid Bandage (5)
  • Duke's Casino Token (2000)
  • Torch (1)
  • Player Vending Machine (1) *instead of Land Claim Block
  • Completed book bumdle (1)

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I just tried it and it didn't work, but I believe that's because i'm using Val's Starter Classes Mod and I believe it prevented the change from this mod. Retesting without that mod now to see if this one works as intended. 


Okay, just tested without the Starter Classes mod and can confirm this mod works in alpha 19.2 without any issue. 

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