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Mission Tier and Difficulty Tier Question? Editing Xml


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1st time looking into the xml files and interested in the mission tiers;


Is the following information correct?


Missions are generated by the quests.xml


Within that file is the general outline of a mission so for example Tier 1 Fetch (line 972) references a difficulty tier (line 980) of 1.


This difficutly tier is inside each prefab xml (Prefab Folder) Example bar_sm_01.xml and on line 13 of that is Difficult Tier =1


So only missions with tier 1 are selected? and for Tier 2,3,4,5,6 ie Skyscraper 02 xml is difficulty tier 5 and would only appear in umm tier 5?



Before I mess about with anything is the above correct or am I missing something? Like a 3rd file that dictates that tier 1 is prefabs that are 1.


Thanks for any replies.

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