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Pistol Design 2.0 - Future Plans


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Because the current one is ugly and fat.


Made this in about 2 hours using Zbrush and Blender, Rendered through Daz Studio 3D.


Sleek body design with scratches to show wear and use.


Attachments are ugly, I know. Again was 2 Hours, and was more focused on the actual pistol itself.


Can use the vanilla attachment style, if desired.


So hey, FunPimps. Throw away your old crappy "TurboSquid Bought" pistol model, and handle my bad boy.




Q: Did it really take you two hours?

A: Yes. Weaponry like modern firearms are nice and easy to design, specially with 3D Primatives.


Q: Why 2.6k Res?

A: I bought a Nvidia GTX 1650, cause I am a dumbass. Blegh~


Q: What happens if FunPimps actually want this model, and want the .FBX of it?

A: I'll ask my mom if it's ok. But it's up to them.


Q: What is the Geographic Iteration / SubD count on the pistol itself?

A: It's about 886,750 iterations. Easy for it to load into games with great performance.


Q: So... I found your twitter.

A: *Wink wink* :)



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We could have, but we are not the type here.


But I don't mind giving some constructive criticism,

Personally I'm not a fan of the modern firearms blocky look but for that type of gun you can get away by adding more detail by using different models one for far away that looks basically like a kartboard cut-out 100M+- then one with slightly more detail for any distance between 100 and 20m and one for close distance view then add one for first person view giving it all the details you like but remove all parts you will never see.

The kartboard one you can reuse to cast a shadow as well.


Basically its if you can't see it remove it if you can make it as detailed you can with either the model or skin finding the balance between them.


I don't speak for the Funpimps but from my understanding there are legal issues with acquiring third party assets and adding them to the game So it is easier for them to make their own version at this stage.


But don't let that stop you from being creative you're on the right track there. practice with modelling, skinning and such make mods to show off you're work. make a portfolio.

There is always work for talented artist.

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Then lets hope the FunPimps put the current pistol on a diet, it's to fat compared to how the hand looks. It has the size of a Desert Eagle, but all the power of a whimpy 9mm. They should try going for a smaller size, similar to the one from "The Mist". Or even a simple M9. Anything hoenstly, would be better then the current one.


Not to worry, I wasn't super passionate about the pistol I made. My expertise is somewhere else in the world of 3D. I more use this as a statement to FunPimps that change should happen in the realm of weapon design. After all, with a game in Alpha-For-Life, change is ever constant; if any, right? Ah, I dont need to worry though about a portfolio, though. Cause it's already brimming with... special content. xD


Anywhoo! Lets hope the FunPimps change weapon designs, cause they are extremely due for a overhaul. I am just glad they didnt go with the "Gaint Tin Can" look of the x2 Scope; shown in previous youtube DevBlogs. That would have made me "Roblox Oooph!" a storm.


They've made decent changes so far since the horrible A16 and A17, and their scores on Steam are going back up. That's quite the feat. Lets hope they keep it up, and don't disappoint with further changes.

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