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  1. If it's class-tied like that, then there isnt much I can see being done to remove it; without messing the Bows up internally. And I know for a fact FunPimps wont ever remove it, as they never listen to anyone. Disappointing.
  2. Should be simple, I hope. Requesting a existing mod or a guide in which the "loading Bar" when aiming/pulling with the bow is removed in it's entirety. Never have I seen such a feature on a bow that is both ugly, distracting, and gets in the way of aiming correctly. Any tips on how to remove this?
  3. Dont really know where this topic belongs, but I'll just post it here. Looking for a World Seed or Mod that makes the whole world a Snow Biome. The RSG/Coding for the vanilla game sucks. Dont care if the Devs or Mods think it's more fancy, it's not and it's far from fancy. Unlike Minecraft where the in-game Buffet Options let you customize the entire world gen with a few easy clicks; and your done. So, anyone got any ideas how to go about this for 7 Days? Though really dont prefer editing the XLM, cause it can get tiresome fast till it actually works in my
  4. Can confirm, as this has been an issue in the past as well for Servers. I remember Grandpa's Secret also had container issues at times, but not at a constant. Relatively annoying, for sure. However, it also can be the fault of the server itself. Since you discussed this with the Server's moderation team, what did they say themselves in addition?
  5. Got an SSD, have to with the work I do in Art and Animation. And Unfortunately you would have to verify your claim with a SpecWiz, as that doesnt sound realistic. Though as I have stated above, I already know the issue. It's not a matter of hardware, but faulty design. Cause even game renderers like the "Build Engine" can cause stress with geometric errors and choices of iteration count in the most power of computers. And the Build Engine is old, old, old.
  6. Actually, since you took a stab at me @Laz Man; I'll take a more sharpen and graceful stab. Geometry Iteration is important. And you are but 1 person out of 12,000,645 (SMIM Population) that dont seem to believe in fixing issues like this. And even though I may be a 3D Pr0n artist, have you ever considered we have knowledge on how a game is made though school, college, or by services like Skillshare? Making games after all, is a great tool for learning a skill in 3D and Architectural Design. My own work is my hobby. Just as I posted about SMIM, your vastly outnumbered i
  7. Your pc then has a processing power to read faces faster then most, and that is not the power of the Graphics Card. It is your Ram mixed with your CPU/Processor that created the geometry of the world. Your graphics card just takes that data, and makes an image for you to view. You can have a medium-strength V.Card, but if your CPU is good and is overclocked, you can read the geometry well. Textures and Diffusion is handled by the V.Card Oh hey, I havent heard back from you yet. Did you send a message to FunPimps for me yet?
  8. Thank you for your question. If you are playing in a RGM it can be dependent on how the terrain is built, as it can largely affect what geometry is present in your Perspective Viewport/Camera and overall registered land nodes where you are standing/spawned in. Some places are buttery smooth, like the Snow & Desert Biome. But others will be harsher, like the Plains and Burnt Biome. There is also the Bump/Normal Mapping of terrain that is accounted for. Some people do have buttery smoothness due to their PC being able to read the faces of terrain, but often then not; most people
  9. Sorry, I am not allowed to do so by Forum TOS. I do porn, and do have experiance in 3DS Max video game language and animation. So if you wanna send a message to FunPimps to unlock their data packs, I'll fix the game in a month's time. With pay, of course. Call me up, sometime.
  10. Here, I made a perfect example of bad geometry. https://ibb.co/s3K0zFb Now you know, why you have lag all the damn time. While both sphere looks exactly the same, the Render Engine of the game takes much more time reading every single extra face. This is also double true when you are running, moving, looking around, and exploring new areas. Enjoy your 3D Modeling 101 lesson.
  11. So A19 Stable has been released, with huge issues that make it so unplayable that it's baffling, even with my powerful pc. Just want to clarify, that I do 3D design and graphics as well; so the fact that FunPimps let this laziness slide is just... wow. To make it easier on myself, lets just do this in Q & A form. _____ Q: A19 just came out and I am experiencing huge lag spikes I never experienced before and unstable framerate, whats going on? A: The reason why so many people experience this issue, is the Geometric Iterations left behind on asset mod
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