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a18 horde spawn freqencies modifications


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What I would like to do is increase the frequency about 15% on small group "drive-by's" and also increase the spawn amount in general in each biome.


I edited spawning.xml in C:\Steam\7 Days To Die\Data\Config and incrased the maxcount from 1 to 3 for all but bosses and the dogs.


since this is a local server where just me, wife and sometimes one of the kids play i do not think the extra count would be too much of a hit on performance.


but after making the changes I do not see any difference in game behavior. Am I missing a step? also will I need to copy this xml file to their machines or will the setting sync when they login?


thanks and we are loving A18 experimental so far. (performance bleh at 30-40 fps even with AF set to 0 but hey its experimental hopefully yall keep finding performance tweeks for the next alpha release). Minus the performance its just plain fun. My wife found areas i missed while "mario'ing around". The POIs are really fun. Hope to see even more.

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